• 18/12/2018

Transformation Tuesday – Rowan Smith

#TransformationTuesday celebrates the career progression of our candidates and colleagues. Without these success stories, we wouldn’t be in business, so it gives us great pride to celebrate as many journeys as we can.

This week we look at the journey of Rowan Smith. Rowan went from working for Encore as an order picker. Through hard work Rowan was able to get promoted to a lead colleague and is now working as a contract manager for Encore.


Here’s what Rowan had to say…………

“Before Encore, I was working as a car mechanic but didn’t have any qualifications so found it difficult to get into work. Cars are a passion of mine and I love to buy cars and restore them as projects.”

“When I signed up with Encore, I was looking for a new challenge in a different career. I had joined other agencies in the past but had bad experiences with them. Encore were very friendly and helpful and got me registered at one of their sites. I started off as an order picker and through hard work over 2 years, I am now working as a contract manager for one of Encore’s client sites.”

“Encore really took me under their wing and went the extra mile to help me learn and develop new skills. I am always fully supported by Encore and their client’s staff which has allowed me to get to where I am now.”

“I have enjoyed the opportunity and development watching and helping the Encore Team. Hard work, dedication, and motivation allowed me to build strong relationships with my colleagues and team resulting in positive feedback and a trustworthy team working together ensuring the best for the client”

“In the next 12 months, I want to lead the contract solely and gain the confidence to do so. In my opinion, Encore are friendly, passionate and professional and I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.”



If you would like to get into work and follow in the footsteps of Rowan, please get in touch with your local branch today!



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