• 06/08/2019

Transformation Tuesday – Monika Jezierska

#TransformationTuesday celebrates the career progression of our candidates and colleagues. Without these success stories, we wouldn’t be in business, so it gives us great pride to celebrate as many journeys as we can.


This week we follow the journey of Monika Jezierska who initially joined Encore as a temp and is now a contract manager for one of Encore’s clients.

This is what Monika had to say about her Encore experience;

“I love learning and enjoy reading books about psychology and personal and spiritual development. I also love taking lessons to improve my English language and this has helped me in progressing my career. I also love to spend time with my friends and family by eating out or going to the cinema.”

“Before joining Encore, I was working in Poland as a specialist in administrative affairs and data security. This involved helping people with grants, so they could start up their own business.”

“Encore was the first agency who I saw through Facebook and registered with them. Before Encore, I had never used an agency in the past. The registration was quick and easy, and I got help along the way. The first role I got was as a packer with one of Encore’s clients. Through hard work, I am now working as a contract manager. I have been working with Encore now for almost 2 years.”

“Encore really helped me with my career progression through giving me more responsibilities and trusting me with new tasks. The collaborative work with the client runs smoothly and my relationship with Encore staff and the client staff is great. I can always count on the more experienced staff to help me and give me advice when needed. In the next 12 months, I’d like to gain more experience and work towards achieving a promotion within the business.”

“Encore for me has been a great company to work for and I would describe them as future, progression and power. I would definitely recommend Encore to my friends and family as it is a great company.”



If you would like to get into work and follow in the footsteps of Monika, please get in touch with your local branch today and you could be one of our featured colleagues!



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