• 29/01/2021

Pandemic pressure sees one-in-four over-45s considering career change

Career anxiety is a major side-effect of the pandemic and it’s affecting workers of every age. Young people are concerned about their career prospects, but the over-45s are just as worried about their future. This has sparked a wave of interest in mid-life professional pivots, with our research revealing that one in four over-45s is considering a career switch or role change.

This growing interest in “encore careers” is motivated by insecurity about the future. One-in-three over-45s cite fears about financial security and a quarter worries about the rising state pension age, as the reason they’re exploring new career paths. And they’re prepared to put the work in to help them switch direction, with nearly three-quarters saying they’d spend time learning new skills. On average they’d be happy to devote three hours and 36 minutes per week to retraining.

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Source: https://news.microsoft.com