• May 26, 2022

The number of HGV drivers on the road is at a record low and a major factor as to why is the long, lonely working conditions that have already left 27% of the workforce suffering from mental health issues.


Specialist driving recruitment agency, Encore Personnel, which has 10 branches across the region, including its head office in Leicester and offices in Nottingham and Derby city centres, is taking a stand with a focus on helping tackle these issues by supporting its drivers through introducing a new health and mental wellbeing CPC course.


The course gives drivers access to a variety of resources, covering stress management, diet and exercise, fatigue, and sleep. The course will not only improve the mental well-being of essential workers but encourage positive behavioural changes that aim to make roads safer.


Exercise plays a vital role in looking after mental well-being, but for full-time HGV drivers, shifts can last for up to 11 hours leaving no time for meaningful exercise. The health and mental wellbeing course will teach drivers how they can incorporate moving around into their daily lives and help alleviate some of the stress and low mood.


Andrew Fletcher, Area Manager in the Encore Driving Division said: “The industry needs to do more to support HGV drivers, people don’t realise how exhausting driving these long distances daily can really be, especially when they’re alone. We are really looking forward to supporting our drivers, and by introducing health and mental wellbeing training we believe they’ll have the resources to combat the issues. On top of this, introducing mental health first aid ambassador can give that extra bit of support that’s desperately needed.”


Wayne Stroud, CPC Delivery Manager at Encore commented: “The priority for us, is to safeguard their mental health to make them feel valued and improve their working environment. Workers want to be respected and heard, and we need to show them we care about their well-being. Not only will this have a positive impact on our drivers, but we hope it’ll re-attract drivers back into the industry.”  


Encore’s industry-leading driving division, which operates in six of its ten branches in the UK, currently supports a network of HGV drivers to find their perfect work within logistics as well as clients in the industry to secure the best drivers. 


Encore prides itself on its exceptional client and candidate service. It puts the customer and candidate/ employee experience at the centre of all strategy with dual value propositions of ‘your business, your culture, our priority’ and ‘your future, your wellbeing, our priority.’