• November 03, 2021

Our Managing Director interviewed by Closer magazine

In October, Pete Taylor, our Managing Director, had a fantastic opportunity to be featured in British tabloid magazine, Closer.

The article speaks of life going back to normal post-pandemic and how recruitment and the job market has significantly changed. Due to many businesses re-opening and also losing many European workers because of Brexit, there has been a huge increase in available job vacancies in UK.

Also within the article includes expert advice from industries to employees who are currently trying to find jobs. Since there has been an influx of staff shortages, employers are now being much more open minded when it comes to recruiting. In Pete’s interview with Closer, he talks about how now is the best time for those who are considering career changes.

“There is a bigger focus on transferable skills, so if you’ve got experience and the skill set for a relevant or similar job, employers are more likely to recognise that you’ll need shorter induction processes and will take quickly to the job.”

Encore prides itself on its exceptional client and candidate service, especially in times of the recruitment industry changing significantly post-pandemic and Brexit. One of Encore’s values is ‘Fresh’ and with Pete’s feature in Closer Magazine comes with a refreshing openness.