• 04/03/2020

International Women’s Day – Sam Green

With International Women’s Day just around the corner on Sunday 8th March, we are excited to be celebrating the journey of Sam Green who is currently Encore’s Talent Acquisition Manager.

Below is her journey throughout her time with Encore.

Sam has now been with Encore for two and a half years. Prior to this, Sam was working in the Exhibition Industry where she was required to organise financial service events across the world. However, Sam got fed up of all the travelling and started working as a 360 consultant recruiting for marketing and media roles, before moving to internal recruitment and then joining Encore as an Internal Recruiter.

When asked about her first impressions on joining Encore, this is what Sam had to say:

“Fantastic, I had a great onboarding when I first joined Encore and found myself in a very supportive and fun team. Everyday was different which meant I had to stay on my toes which in turn helped me to develop further in my role.”

“Along with the amazing onboarding at Encore my knowledge of HR has increased dramatically. Encore have also funded my CIPD level 5 apprenticeship. I have also grown in confidence during my time here and I am a lot more assertive which has developed thanks to the guidance of my manager Cindy Gunn.”

In the two and a half years Sam has been with Encore, she has had two roles. Initially starting as an internal recruiter, Sam’s hard work and dedication has allowed her to be promoted to a Talent Acquisition Manager where she now manages a small team.

“I have a learnt a lot of new skills in my new role and also developed my knowledge on areas like management, and talent acquisition. I have also won an award for ‘Outstanding Support to the Business’ in 2018 at the annual company gala awards. I was then also shortlisted in the top 3 for ‘In-house recruiter of the year’ at the IRP awards – and was the only candidate shortlisted from a recruitment agency.”

This shows just how hard Sam has worked in the time she has been with Encore!

Sam had the following to say about any women who wish to join the recruitment industry or are starting their journey in recruitment:

“Believe in yourself, exude confidence even if you don’t feel like that on the inside. Find a good mentor and squeeze as much knowledge out of them as you can.”

You can also follow in Sam’s footsteps and become as successful as her with Encore. Click the link below to start your Encore journey and see where Encore will take you!