• 05/03/2020

International Women’s Day – Nikki Westwood

With International Women’s Day just around the corner on Sunday 8th March, we are excited to be celebrating the journey of Nikki Westwood who is currently Encore’s Learning & Development Manager.

Before joining Encore, Nikki was a trainee new car sales rep working for Mazda. Nikki then decided to join Encore in May 2005 where she started as a temporary receptionist and administrator until she was taken on permanently in July 2005 as a Resource Management Specialist. Nikki is mainly based in Telford but also travels between all branches giving training and helping other consultants.

Nikki will be celebrating her 15-year anniversary in May this year! A fantastic achievement!

Nikki recalls her first impression of Encore when she first joined us:

“I loved the dynamics of the Telford office. It was fun, busy, unpredictable and there was a really diverse team. My induction course wasn’t until September of 2005, which was the first real time I got to see other areas of the business. Coming to head office in Leicester and seeing where it all began was very humbling and inspiring. I wanted to be part of that. Even now I still love to hear the story of where it all began in 2001.”

Through Nikki’s journey with Encore, Nikki has received some excellent training and mentorship from one of our current area managers Maddy O’Donnell. Here is Nikki’s thoughts on her experience with Encore and the training she has received.

“Never does anyone say as a child, ‘When I grow up, I want to be a recruiter!’ So, the whole understanding was completely new to me, I was hooked, it intrigued me and I definitely felt as though talking to people and fixing problems was my calling.”

“I was extremely fortunate to start my career at Encore under the guidance of Maddy O’Donnell, because of how inspiring she was, I wanted to mirror her and ultimately one day be as successful as her. She continually took her time to coach and guide me, not always in work either, she was and still is a great mentor in life. She has seen me develop from a fresh faced 19-year-old recruitment rookie to a thirty something Company Learning and Development Manager. The ethics she has helped instil in me has given me the hunger, commitment and resilience to still be striving for more. Over the fifteen years I have had development from many others, from Operations Managers to Directors. That’s the great thing about Encore; you are someone, you are valued, and your development and success really is a company commitment.”

Nikki has worked extremely hard and moved through many different positions within Encore to where she is now. Her journey has involved her taking the roles of:

  • Service Co-ordinator
  • Account Manager
  • Divisional Manager
  • Company Client Support Executive
  • Training Manager
  • Learning & Development Manager

Each of these roles came with varying responsibilities but ultimately it was Nikki’s hard work and determination which has gotten her where she is now.

In closing, Nikki has given the below advise to any women who want to get into recruitment or who are just starting their journey in recruitment.

“Women are generally great multitaskers and have a brilliant eye for detail which is why they are great in recruitment. You can juggle filling placements, making client calls and all of the admin that comes with it confidently and articulately! Recruitment is one of those industries where you get out of it what you put into it. The more candidate calls you make, the more candidates you place, the more client calls you make, the newer business you convert. My advice would be to run your desk as though it’s your own business, question ‘Would I be happy with that if it was my own business?’ ‘What would I change to increase profitability if it was my own business?’ You are the only person who has control of your success, Encore just helps you realise it and achieve it!”

You can also follow in Nikki’s footsteps by clicking the link below to start your Encore journey and see where Encore will take you!