• 06/03/2020

International Women’s Day – Amie Tyler

With International Women’s Day just around the corner on Sunday 8th March, we are excited to be celebrating the journey of Amie Tyler.

Amie is currently Encore’s HR support partner for the managed services division. Before joining Encore, Amie was learning to become a primary school teacher and also took a gap year. She then joined Encore and simply hasn’t looked back since!

Amie’s first role with Encore was as a receptionist in February 2014 where she worked alongside Karen Jones in the admin team based out in Telford. She has now been with Encore for six years and worked her way through various roles to now being HR support for one of Encore’s fastest growing and biggest divisions.

Some of the roles which Amie has held include:

  • Receptionist
  • Administrator
  • Resource Management Specialist
  • Account Management Specialist
  • Contract Manager
  • Senior Contract Manager
  • HR Support for Managed Services

Amie has a broad range of experience having worked in various areas of the business and this has helped her excel in her current role due to having worked in both operations and head office roles.

This is what Amie had to say about her first impressions with Encore and her journey with Encore so far:

“Encore was my first ‘proper job’. I received amazing training and onboarding and knew that this would be a company I could have a real career in. I worked hard and along with all the training and courses given to me by Encore, I am now working in HR and also studying for my level 5 CIPD qualification.”

“Because I have had the opportunity to work in both admin and operations, I feel that this has really helped me have a more holistic view of the business. I now operate in a HR function but can offer support and advice to our recruitment teams onsite and drive efficiencies.”

“My journey through Encore has been excellent. I have had quite a rapid development but have been up for the challenge. Encore are really good at recognising ambitious individuals who want to work their way up a career ladder and supporting them to do so.”

Amie has excelled in all roles that she has taken on and is also working on her own projects to support both HR and the Encore managed services division.

Looking to follow in Amie’s footsteps? Click the link below to start your Encore journey and see where Encore will take you!