• 23/11/2020

Encore’s Managed Services Logs Record-Breaking Recruitment Peak During Pandemic

Directors at expanding and ambitious recruitment firm Encore Personnel are celebrating the grit and determination of their staff after the business’s Managed Services team delivered its biggest ever peak during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Encore, which operates across the UK and services clients across an array of sectors from food and drink to retail, usually recruits on average 1,750 workers across its Managed Services division in the first and second quarters of the year, whereas this year it has filled more than 2,500 roles – a stark illustration of how the recruitment sector, and the Managed Services team at Encore in particular, has supported the nation’s stability throughout the pandemic.

Operations Director at Encore Andy Lewis said he was extremely proud of his team and specifically the true spirit of teamwork which has shone through since February.

He said: “This year has been off the chart in terms of delivery for our Managed Services team. We could never have predicted the pandemic and how the pressure of lockdown would be felt so intensely by many of our customers and indeed our staff who have continued to function as normal – but I’m very proud to say that we have delivered an exceptional service across the board.

“Despite the many and varied challenges thrown up throughout lockdown and afterwards, we’ve not stopped, we’ve not once panicked or admitted defeat. We’ve come together every single day and worked as a team to ensure our customer service continued to be exceptional. The astounding fact is that we’re currently managing the same peak volume staffing levels through May to August as we were doing across Black Friday and Christmas of 2019, which is truly incredible and a testament to the commitment, passion and talent demonstrated every day by our brilliant team.”

Andy added that the business had been agile and quick to adapt when the pandemic’s impact on the supply chain started to take hold.

He said: “Our success and our ability to maintain excellent customer service standards has been due to having very robust process and ways of working in place before the pandemic hit. Combine that with how we were already adept at remote working coupled with our forward-thinking and innovative customer base and we had a strong grounding for what was to come.

“As COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives, it’s very likely that the customers we serve, from those in the food and drink sector to retail and many in-between, will continue to see increased demand and so it’s vital we maintain our high standards. We’ve been so impressed by how our customers have adapted to the ‘new world’ we live in and we’ve certainly learnt a lot from those at the sharp end of demand over the last few months.

“2020 will go down in Encore’s history as the pinnacle of what we can deliver as a business when under extreme pressure. Hats off to our staff who’ve tirelessly worked to ensure we hit our goals, delight our customers and in many cases helped to keep the country going as keyworkers during this unprecedented year.”