• 17/03/2017

Encore strengthens specialist recruitment team

Leicester-based recruitment firm Encore Personnel has invested in a new team of specialists so its clients do not suffer from employee shortages during their peak trading times.

The four-strong external recruitment team (ERT) has been created in response to a recent decline in the number of people applying for roles, particularly those from other EU countries. The team is now proactively looking to attract candidates who can offer their skills to fill temporary and full-time roles at companies across the country.

It will enhance the service already offered by Encore’s ten branches, including Nottingham’s, and the onsite recruitment teams working throughout the UK located on its clients’ premises, where in 2016 the firm supplied an average of 4500 temporary workers per week to the food, energy, engineering, driving and manufacturing sectors.

Nikki Gallier, company training and projects manager at Encore who heads up the ERT, said: “Companies often need to source additional labour during busy times of their business cycle. This can be a reactive process that needs to be carried out swiftly and efficiently. We have seen workforces increase tenfold during such times, so it is vital there are enough skilled people available to fill these roles.

“As we have seen a decline in the number of people applying for these roles, Encore is dedicated to attracting new candidates so companies are not left with a shortfall. Encore is proactively looking to mitigate the possible impact of Brexit in manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, and with the creation of our new team will ensure companies can work to their full capacity at all times”.