• 29/03/2018

ENCORE – Q & A with Operations Director Andy Lewis

How are Encore using technology to better human interaction?

As we enter into a changing time for the recruitment industry, the focus has changed to creating a better and more valuable colleague experience. Encore has partnered with two businesses at the forefront of technology to create an interactive training and development platform for colleagues. From initial testing and induction to ‘on the job’ specific training, Encore has developed an advance system to enhance colleague and client experience. We have been able to prove that this tool enables enhanced colleague engagement whilst reaching higher productivity levels more quickly.

What plans do you have for the year?

The focus for this year is to sustain our client relationships, continue our recent growth and develop a masterclass of Consultants and Managers to futureproof our business.


What are the challenges in the sectors you recruit in?

Colleague availability is an ongoing challenge and as retail markets continue to suffer with consumers looking to the e-commerce proposition, peak trading periods will get shorter and shorter. As a result, the emphasis will shift to finding people for shorter periods of time that can be as productive as the full time equivalent. This change of emphasis will place more and more importance on having a robust and efficient recruitment process and creating a valuable colleague experience – as geographically many blue-chip clients will require large amounts of labour at the same period of time.