• 29/01/2021

COVID-19 pandemic triggers crisis of confidence and self-belief among jobseekers

The majority of Brits do not believe there are jobs for them after the COVID-19 employment crisis triggered a major downturn in confidence.

Over half (51%) of jobseekers do not believe there is a job out there for them, while a similar number (52%) don’t believe they’ll be successful, according to a survey of 2,000 by Indeed.

Overall, more than a quarter (26%) of jobseekers rated their self-belief levels as low and more than two in five (44%) don’t feel confident when it comes to searching and applying for jobs.

These figures increase to 40% and 63% respectively for unemployed jobseekers, suggesting joblessness significantly reduces an individual’s belief in securing one.

Almost half (47%) of unemployed jobseekers said their self-belief has reduced the longer they’ve been unemployed.

The research found gender and age gaps too, with women citing lower levels of self-belief in their job search compared to men – 38% versus 48% – and over 55s being the group least confident of finding a job.

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Source: https://consent.yahoo.com