• 12/08/2019

Congratulations John Shipley

John is over-achieving on his sales target for the year with a mixture of new temp and perm business. What makes this even more emphatic is John has only been 100% sales for a total of 3 months. Since joining us he has taken every bit of advice on board and embraced the Encore culture. John has used his background in warehousing to his advantage and is reaping the rewards, long may this continue. Well done John!

Dan Connor – Divisional Manager


Here is John’s comments about his experience with Encore so far…..

“After being in warehouse management for 14 years (and an Encore client on 2 occasions), joining Encore was completely out of my comfort zone. Despite what I claimed in my interview with Dan and Ed, I wasn’t 100% sure if I would be able to cut it in sales or not. However, everyone here has been so supportive, and I’ve managed to take a little bit of advice from everyone and put it into practice to create my sales techniques.”

“I’ve never worked with a company who communicates the way Encore does. The way Directors take the time to see how I’m doing and giving me advice as well as call coaching. I was told by numerous people that one day it would ‘all fall into place’, and once I had completed the Sales Induction, I felt that it had. It gave me a true understanding of what Encore is about and it has given me real conviction when talking to clients.”

“Encore is very good at rewarding good results, and I can see from everyone around me that everyone wants to not only succeed themselves but wants to help others around them do the same. From where I come from, that doesn’t happen, and it’s refreshing to see. It’s a great culture to be a part of.”

“A few months ago, I proposed the idea of the Encore Training Academy (ETA). I didn’t think anything would come of it (and it may still not), but the fact that such a high level of management have taken the idea seriously and given me regular communication encourages me to bring new and innovative ideas to the table, and I encourage anyone else in this business to do the same if they think of something that will make us better.”


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