• 21/12/2018

Congratulations Charlotte White

Charlotte initially joined Encore through an assessment centre which took place in Coventry. She stood out as she had a good work ethic and also had experience in sales through working in direct sales in London and also through her experience working at a ski resort where customer service skills were key.

Charlotte has carried on her work ethic and brought it to her role at Encore and she always goes above and beyond to help her colleagues and also Encore’s clients.

Jamie Lawrence – Senior Divisional Manager


Charlotte told us about her experience with Encore so far……..

“I am really happy with the team, I think everyone gets on really well and are always willing to help each other out when needed. Dionne is great at overseeing/leading the department and is always fair. I feel she is approachable if I have any questions or want to clarify anything and don’t feel scared to shout up if anything is wrong.”

“The last 6 months have been great, and I have learnt how the business works in regards to sales and service and I am settling into the new role well. I feel confident and stable in the role now thanks to the help of everyone in the office who are all very supportive. There is much more variety and lots of different things going on and to remember to keep it interesting and stay motivated.”

“In the next year, I would like to become even more competent within my role and continue to build up knowledge and confidence. Report to Dionne and become her number 2 so to speak. I would like to learn more about what goes on in the background that Dionne usually deals with, so I can continue to expand my skills and knowledge within the department and be able support the rest of the team when Dionne is not in the office.”

“I would like to start working towards and be thinking about the steps I need to take to become an Account Management Specialist, having already had 6 months to find my feet and learn the core values for the Resource Management Specialist role, with the right training and steer from Jamie, Neil & Dionne, and by continuing to learn new skills, processes, procedures and have a good positive outlook at it, I feel this is achievable for 2019. I will have built good relationships with my clients and make sure I get out to see all of them, attend new CRO’s/site tours with Steve & Tamara and have taken on lots of new accounts and have grown them to their full potential where possible.”


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