LEVC is the leading global manufacturer and retailer of fully accessible, purpose-built London Taxis.

They are universally acknowledged for creating the famous Black Cab, now an international icon.

In February 2013, LEVC became part of the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, with a new vision to see the iconic London Taxi on the streets of every major city across the world.

They have two manufacturing plants, one in Coventry – the city where the iconic Fairway London Taxi was born – and one in Shanghai, which produces vehicles for our export markets.

They pride themselves on the instantly-recognisable and robust design of their hand-built Black Cab, renowned for its ability to cover hundreds of thousands of miles during a lifetime of use.

That’s why, with the support and financial commitment from their parent company, Geely, LEVC are dedicated to continuously improvement and the future development of the next generation of The London Taxi.

LEVC have the experience, resources and investment to drive the London Taxi into the 21st Century and beyond.