The London EV Company are a leading global manufacturer and retailer of purpose-built commercial electric vehicles. Since 2014, its parent company ZhejiangGeely Holding Group, has invested £500 million in the new EV production facility in Coventry. LEVC have built the black cab into a global icon and are currently developing the new LCV model which is due to go into production within 2020.

LEVC’s new LCV has been designed to meet rapidly increasing global demand for green, electrified commercial transport; medium-sized vans capable of moving goods around urban areas efficiently, while helping to improve air quality. The clean and green urban delivery van of tomorrow is here. Encore Personnel are proud to work alongside LEVC in achieving the goal to ensure vehicles are zero emissions capable in the future.

Encore are passionate about one of LEVC’s key core values; to be People Driven. The road we are set to travel is one we will take together as recruiter, manufacturer, driver, owner, and passenger. So, despite their traditional choice of colour, the future’s looking incredibly bright for LEVC. Furthermore, Encore are honoured to be working in partnership with such a forward thinking, ethical and environmentally focused business.

Current roles available at LEVC:

There are currently no vacancies.