Fresh, Innovative thinking for Florette

In North-west France, a group of farmers shared a passion. A passion for delicious, crispy lettuce. They loved to eat it. And they wanted to grow it. So they did.

Out of that first co-operative of like-minded leaf-lovers, a family business was born which has grown to become a household with roots in nine European countries. Since 1999, Florette’s home in the UK is in Lichfield.

The Challenge

Like many of our clients, Florette had an issue with attracting quality candidates at peak periods.

To address this, we looked at fundamentally changing the philosophy of how temporary colleagues are employed during these busy times.

Specific areas for development lay around the planning of the recruitment campaigns, including the way colleagues are vetted, tested, inducted and integrated into the operation.

Ensuring the right skill set is available at the right time on an ongoing basis was the main driver for our dedicated contract team.

The Solution

Right from the word go, the Account Management Team built relationships with the local employment market and attracted temporary workers through a range of innovative recruitment methods.

Thinking creatively, we created a similar project with another local client to create extended working assignments for colleagues with transferable skills sets.

At the same time, we also established an assessment centre for testing and evaluating colleagues’ cultural fit for the specific trimming and packing roles on site. A rigorous 4 hour colleague integration process was introduced, including:

  • Full site induction
  • Health and Safety processes
  • Role specific SOP training
  • Environment specific familiarisation

By creating and managing volume related working rotas, we were able to ensure that the right calibre of colleagues were available to maximise Florette’s production capability on any given day.

The Results

In 3 years, Florette have increased their production capacity through improved efficiency and retained year-on-year returning colleagues.

We currently have a 65% returnee rate of seasonal peak colleagues.
On the peak day of production in 2016 compared to that in 2013, we saved Florette £22,000 by increasing the level of output from 325,000 bags to 428,000 bags, a working window was reduced from 23 to 18 hours and a total workforce was trimmed from just over 400 down to 231.
In this instance, the results speak for themselves.