• 31/01/2020

‘Can my mum sleep on the couch?’: The weirdest job interview questions

Once a job interview comes to a close, it’s every interviewer’s hope that a candidate will show some curiosity about the role and the company by asking some inquisitive questions.

Whether that’s questions about the business’ culture, progression plans or where the company sees itself in five years’ time, any hiring manager will be pleased to see a candidate is showing a keen interest in the role.

But it seems that some employers have been faced with some rather unusual and bizarre questions at the end of their job interviews.

Reddit user AeonArcore took to the forum to ask: “Employers of Reddit, what’s the most memorable ‘Do you have any questions’ question you’ve received in an interview?” reported the Daily Mail.

Employers and recruiters were quick to share some of their most unusual, which included a candidate openly revealing that he had no idea what the job was, as he was forced to attend by his girlfriend.

The interviewee shared: “I got asked ‘What is the job? My girlfriend made me come here.’ Try as she might, I don’t think he’s going to be successful lol.”

However, one question in particular raised the eyebrows of the entire Recruitment Grapevine team. An employer shared that they were asked, ‘Can my mum sleep on the couch in the office during work so she doesn’t have to drive all the way home and back to take me to work?’.

One stunned boss shared that they were asked if they regularly carry out drug tests and if so for which drugs in particular, while another candidate questioned how often they would be allowed to leave early.

Another hiring manager was left completely baffled after an applicant asked if they could try out the job to see if they liked it. The Reddit user wrote: “’Is it possible to try the job for two weeks… to see if I like it?’ That one kinda baffled me. She didn’t want to take another job and quit early because it would look bad on her resume.

“There is always a month where both the company and the employee are able to decide if the job is for that person but still. Didn’t leave the best impression on us because it made it feel she wasn’t 100% going for the position.”

Others were completely brazen in the questions they asked. For example, some quizzed ‘Do you have any hesitation in hiring me today?’ or ‘When do I start?’ which in some cases resulted in the interviewer bagging the job.

A Reddit user explained: “I was actually the one that issued the question. Was told by my boss recently, that during my interview the last question I asked was, ‘When can I expect your answer’, which she immediately had to laugh about, but it showed her that I was very confident in my abilities and it was actually the reason she hired me.”

Others were not so lucky as another boss added: “A fresh-out-of-school kid with no experience at a high-tech company asked, ‘How many people will I be managing?’ Not sure what he thought ‘entry-level position’ meant.”


Source: Executive Grapevine