• 29/01/2021

Businesses realize the need for greater flexibility in how we connect and communicate

2020 was a year to forget for many businesses but it might have also set-in motion a raft of changes that will last well beyond 2021.

For example, a change in more of us working from home. Regardless of what percentage of people continue to work from home in 2021, the prediction is that Covid has made businesses realize the need for greater flexibility in how we connect and communicate, whether that be the company telephone system, accessing documents, video conferencing or collaboration software (MS Teams, Zoom).

Whilst many businesses will have already adopted some form of Cloud working, this year will certainly accelerate the shift towards moving any remaining on-premise applications, files and telephone systems into the Cloud – in this way there will be less reliance on a single site and vastly improved flexibility in how staff can connect and access.

Connectivity will be critical for staff working remotely as firms try to meet the demands of an increasingly mobile workforce. Workers need secure, encrypted and reliable connections so that they can quickly and easily access applications and services. If you work in a disconnected environment, you can’t achieve the same levels of productivity as when previously in the office. Recreating this seamless (office) experience for users while working remotely could prove to be game-changing.

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Source: https://www.itproportal.com